Roulette is a very special game which belongs in a special world and even uses its own special language. As a beginner at online roulette, do not think that you are weaker or less smart than anybody else. At this stage of your learning, it is pretty normal that some specific terms may sound weird to you. Hopefully we are here to give you their definition. 


The period during which the player shows the dealer the combinations he (or she) wants to play in placing his chips on the table. 


Born in 1717 and deceased 1783, Jean d’Alembert was a philosopher and mathematician who invented a method for defeating the logic of Roulette. This technique is now called “Martingale d’Alembert.” It has several uses but also has competitors in the person of other martingales (betting systems). 


This is an expression commonly used to describe a player who wagers a lot and in very random fashion on the table. He (or she) is a player who believes in luck and who thinks he can win with it. 


A union of players that allows them to put martingales (betting systems) into practice in order to exceed the limits of bet maximums. It is a method that aims to thwart bet maximums, which were designed, rightfully, to prevent the use of martingales. 


This is a player who has a tendency to lose a bit too much. 


This is a bet that is placed on four specific number squares on the Roulette table. 

Simple Chances 

These are categories of bets in Roulette, which are also called “chances.” The chances are: red, black, high, low, even, and odd. 

Accounting of Odds 

Continuity of sequences of numbers that have already hit and that will be used to apply a martingale in the future. 

Against the Bank 

A procedure that involves betting the opposite of the series of numbers or colors that have already come up. Thus, a player betting on black after several hits of red is going “against the bank.” 


A “cut” designates the value of chips. Thus, there are cuts of two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred chips…etc. 


Also called a “dealer.” This is the casino employee who is in charge of table games like Roulette and Blackjack. His (or her) role is particularly autonomous since he is the loyal representative of the casino. 


This refers to the rotating wheel containing 37 numbers in European Roulette (also known as French or English Roulette), while the one in American Roulette has 38. 


In land-based casinos, the dealer intercedes in crying “Last!” to announce that the table will close after the next three rounds. 


This refers to a number that has landed twice in a row in Roulette. 

Place Your Bets 

In land-based casinos, the dealer intercedes in calling “Place your bets!” when he invites the participants to place their wagers on the game table. 


The term “chance” comes from the Arabic “az-zahr” and refers to the dice. Roulette is the descendent of an ancient game that went by this name in the Middle East. 


“Odd” in English. This is a bet on all the odd numbers in Roulette. 


“Chip” in English. A round disk with which players bet at the game tables. 

Marked Chips 

In English Roulette, there are marked chips of a certain value and often having a particular color. 


“Martingales” are mathematical betting systems used to reduce the house advantage. 


“Bet” in English. This generic word is used to refer to probable wagers in Roulette. They are of different types and vary according to the casino limits and games. 

Maximum Bet 

Refers to the maximum bet accepted at a table. This limit prevents the use of martingales. 

Minimum Bet 

The opposite of “maximum bet,” the “minimum bet” is the lowest sum that can be wagered in the course of a game. 

House Number 

This is simply “Zero,” which corresponds to the house advantage. 


In English, “Even.” Designates the 18 even numbers in European Roulette. 


A method that involves leaving the winning bet and winnings on the table for the next round. 


A technique aimed at betting on different combinations at random. 


A term used informally when referring to a “chip.” 


In Roulette the number 1 is called “first.” 


A bet placed after the dealer announces “No more bets.” 


A technique that involves raising the bet several times. One can thus opt for a slow or rapid progression. 

Rien ne va plus 

In land-based casinos, the dealer intercedes in declaring “No more bets!” when he decides to prohibit the further betting of chips. 


Term that refers to the landing of the same number, the same “simple chance” or the same color more than two consecutive times. 

Board (Layout) 

Refers to the cloth-covered area where the different bets of the player are placed. 

Permanent Board 

This is a second board usually displayed above the Roulette table and which indicates the last twenty numbers that have come up. 


“Zero” is the 37th roulette number. It is also commonly called the “bank’s number,” although the player has the opportunity to bet on it. This particular number is neither even nor odd in origin.