How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a game with so much glamorous excitement; filled with mystery. Popular since the 17th century, roulette has always found its way to the hearts of casino goers even now. This, however, is attributed to the fact that its rules are simple and easily comprehended. Despite that been said, the game surprisingly offers a level of deeper understanding especially for gamblers who seek to win big at the game.

  1. Playing the Game of Roulette

    To play the game of roulette, you must first find a table that might suit your play. Tables usually bear signs that tell the minimum and maximum bets allowed on the table. Every table will also have a sign indicating what numbers the ball had landed on in the previous games. Next, you are advised to watch what is happening at the table you want to play at. This helps you observe if the wheel has been tampered with. Then you hand your chips to the dealer.
    The dealer or croupier then gives each player a specific color of chips to differentiate each person; unlike other casino games. After a round, the dealer clears the table and pays the winner of that round. While he’s at that, the player is deciding on where to place the next bet after which he throws the ball in the wheel, spins the wheel and wait for the ball to settle. Once the wheel is spun, the dealer would announce, “No more bets!” and another round is ended with a winner.roulette

  2. Basic Knowledge for Playing Roulette

    Understanding the basics of the game of roulette is no rocket science. You must know them even if your primary goal is to enjoythe game.
    european roulette layout

  3. Know the Wheel

    There are 36 numbers on the European Roulette wheel and a 0. Whereas the American Roulette wheel has the same 36 numbers but with two-00. The bets are placed on the table while the croupier (otherwise known as the “dealer”) spins a small white ball in the roulette wheel. The ball is expected to spin and eventually land on one of the numbers on the wheel which also corresponds to the numbers on the table.roulette wheel

  4. Inside Bets

    Anticipating the number or pocket type on which the spinning ball lands is also one of the basics of playing the game. This helps you select the kind of bet you want to place. The straight up bet is placing your bet on a particular number. This gives you high playing odds than other “inside” bets like: split betting, street betting, corner betting, etc.
    Outside Betsinside bets

  5. Outside Bets

    Like the name, this is the opposite of the “inside” bets. This kind of bet allows you bet outside the number map on the table. It lets you bet on outcomes like: colors (red or black), even or odd numbers, high or low bets, etc.

  6. Know Your Odds

    Like with every other casino game, roulette also has a house edge that reduces the possibility of a player winning all the time. This does not mean you cannot win at all times, but understanding you might lose because of the house edge lets you plan your game well. The European or French variation of Roulette has no serious house edge like its American counterpart. This is because of the two-00 on the American wheel.roulette odds sheet